Friday, February 7, 2014

Speculating on Nikon's new flagship, the D4s

Rumors and speculations abound regarding Nikon's anticipated announcement of the new Nikon
D4s. The specific details of this announcement have been shrouded in closer secrecy than previous camera models. Much of the speculation calls for a camera with a faster motor boosting the rate over 10 fps with full auto-focus, improved auto-focus in low light with 3D tracking, enhanced processor, expanded ISO range to 25000, added HD video capabilities, but with the same 16mp sensor size as the current D4 model.

The question I ask myself is: Is this enough to justify a new model change?  And why so much secrecy over less than exciting changes?

Typically "S" models changes (as in the D3s)  have improved mechanical performance while keeping the same basic image quality level. "X" changes (as in the D3X) have been image performance enhancements from a new sensor.  The D4s is going to have to be blazingly fast with super-fast write speeds to warrant the hoopla it will need to have photographers trading in their D4 bodies.

The other question I ask myself is: What would Nikon have to add to the D4s to have photographers really drooling over it? A 24mp sensor? Doubtful because writing that much information to a card would probably not allow the extra fps this camera almost certainly will have. But how about a sensor capable of switching from 24mp to 16mp?  A feature such as this would give photographers the best all around camera in the world. The official Nikon press release did mention that the D4s would have "enhanced image quality enabled with adoption of a new image-processing engine".  Could mean simply an upgrade of the Expeed processor, or it could be something more.

Too much to hope for? Probably. But I can dream, can't I?

B&H has already listed, and is taking pre-orders for the D4s. Check it out here:

Nikon D4 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

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  1. A switchable sensor 24/16 or 36/16 would be a really great idea, and very useful.
    Keep on dreaming - who knows - somebody may listen!