Monday, February 24, 2014

A still life project for the X-Pro1

Today we are doing an elaborate still life project in the studio on winter produce. This past Saturday I went to the local farmers market to gather up some produce to use as props for the shoot. I looked for items having a just-pulled-from-the earth quality about them. I like the craggy, sculptural quality of the individual produce, particularly the root vegetables, and decided to do some simple still life photos of some of the individual items. 

For this project I chose a 35mm lens on the Fuji X-Pro1, setting it for +1 on both highlights and shadows to accentuate the starkness of the produce. I used a soft, back lit window lighting with no front fill, again to keep the contrast harsh. 

In tomorrows blog I will show the large still life image we are doing with all the produce together in one elaborate composition. 


Bosc pears

Black radish


Japanese red radish

Celery root


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