Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fog, the Brooklyn Bridge, an X-Pro1, and platinum printing

I had been waiting for a foggy day to go and photograph the Brooklyn Bridge. Yesterday the weather cooperated. My intent was to capture images for later conversion to platinum prints. I find that the Fuji X cameras with their 16mp APS-C sensors produce better results when converted than full frame cameras with higher resolutions. Platinum printing is an analog process done from a film negative. I have to use an inter-negative to convert from digital, and find the results from an X camera deliver a look closer to analog film when printed.

For this first study, I wanted to capture the seagulls flying around the bridge. There is never a guarantee the birds are going to cooperate.  I had to take quite a number of exposures to finally capture this version. 

This is the image I had in mind for the bridge in fog. It is a 40 second time lapse shot at f/22 with a 9-stop neutral density filter on the 14mm lens. 

Taken with the 55-200mm zoom to squash the perspective of the cables and the bridge, this is the only photo  where I used a lens other than the Fuji 14mm . 

Here I put the X-Pro1 in 16:9 crop mode to gain more of a panoramic format and emphasize the complexity of the bridge cabling. 


  1. Very nice set of images - we had fog this morning - and I forgot my camera (Nikon dSLR) at home.

    Perhaps I should invest in a Fuji X…..

    Thanks for this blog!

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  3. Impressive. Very grand yet elegant. Hope that desktop and hard drives didn't give you too much of a headache, heh, and that data storage wasn't a problem ( the project file for this image ain't to slight, I'd presume ), which shouldn't be.

    Ruby Badcoe