Thursday, February 6, 2014

A life style studio shoot

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from a stock shoot we did for Blend Images in our studio yesterday.

To light this scene I tucked a tiny Nikon SB-200 flash under the boy's face where it would be hidden by the book and pillow. There was a little bit of daylight present to add detail to the shadows. The flashlight is real, but the beam had to be brightened in post processing. The camera for both shots was a Nikon D4. The lens here was a 35mm at f/5.6. 

The boy's expression as his eyes are riveted on the needle  says it all in this available light shot. I wanted the background to go completely out of focus so I used a Nikon 85mm lens at f/2. 


  1. Nice photos - especially the top one.

    How did you trigger the Nikon flash - pocket wizard?

    Thanks for this interesting blog!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I used the Nikon SU-800 Wireless Commander on the D4 to trigger the flash.

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