Wednesday, February 12, 2014

24mp for the Nikon D4s - could it be??

Nikon Rumors just posted a link to Adorama's recent listing (now listed as "not available)) of the new Nikon D4s as a 24mp camera. Was this just a typo on the part of an Adorama copy writer or was it mistakenly taken from known specs? Could what I dreamed about in my blog post a few days ago be true? There I speculated that the purported improvements coming out about the D4s' improvements over the D4 are not sufficient, in my mind, to justify a new model and that something else we don't know about might be in the offing.

Could it be just a 24mp sensor? That would take some major engineering because it means having to write much larger image files to disc while at the same time increasing the capture rate over 10fps. 

Could it be the convertible 24-16mp sensor I have been dreaming about?  Doubtful, but still wishing. 

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