Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fuji MHG-XE and MHG-XPRO hand grip for X-E2 and X-Pro1

Normally I don't add accessory hand grips to small cameras because I don't want to add any extra bulk to something I acquired because of its compactness.  The new Fuji hand grips for the XE and X-Pro camera bodies have added some extra benefits that make them a more attractive addition than the prior models.  For one thing, the new grips are made from a milled aluminum block giving them much more substance, and the base is recessed so the camera fits snugly into it.

Fuji  added an opening to the new grip to allow access to the battery and memory disc compartment. The older grip did not have this, and without it the entire grip had to be removed to change a battery or remove the card.

The base of the new hand grip adds an extra 8mm to the bottom of the camera, which increases the distance of the body from a tripod head allowing greater clearance for larger lenses like the XF23mm and XF55-200mm zoom.

For me, one of the most attractive features of this grip is the addition of an Arca-Swiss type lip that allows tripod mounting directly to this very popular quick-release system.

One thing I could not figure out is why there is a small screw hole on the end of the base. I am guessing it may be used to attach an as yet unreleased accessory.

The tripod hole is located at the center of the optical axis as can be seen in the photo below, a nicely for when you want to swing the camera to make several exposures for combining later.  The camera isn't turning on the nodal point, but is much better than having it pivot from the side.

All in all, the new grips demonstrate Fujifilm's continuing response to its customer base, as the company improves its products based on feedback from field use. At $129 for the XE model and $149 for the X-Pro model, they are pricier than the older grips, but, for me, the new build quality and features balance it out. Plus now I do not need an accessory Arca-Swiss type adapter for the camera.

I began this post by stating that I have been generally opposed to adding a grip to a small camera. The new MHG grips have a lot to offer in terms of extending the practical use of the camera, and I added one to my XE-2 and another to my X-Pro1. I guess that sums up my opinion of this new product. 

Can be ordered from B&H for $149 :  Fujifilm MHG-XPRO Metal Hand Grip for X-Pro1
Can be ordered from B&H for $129:   Fujifilm MHG-XE Metal Hand Grip for X-E1/X-E2
Can be ordered from B&H for $129:   Fujifilm MHG-XT Metal Hand Grip for X-T1


  1. Wow so wonderful camera it is looking so nice. I need a camera !!

  2. The Fuji X series is getting more impressive by the day - thanks to Fuji paying so much attention to detail! Congrats.