Monday, February 9, 2015

A Film Noir session with my Fuji X-T1

Last night the city was covered in part by a very thin haze that soaked up some of the early evening lights. Because it was Sunday only a few forgotten lights here and there burned in building windows. The city had an old Film Noir look about it.

I was on Fifth Avenue walking home near the Flatiron Building and had my Fuji X-T1 with and 18-135mm lens with me. With the camera set to an ISO of 1600, black & white, and my favorite 1:1 crop mode, I began recording some of the scenes I passed.  I relied on the 5-stop OIS to hand-hold camera for all of these slow exposures. I don't like using the Fuji beyond an ISO of 1600 so I let the shutter speed drop instead and took several bursts of each scene to guarantee that at least one exposure would be sharp.

I am not sure what process I will use to print these images, but I am thinking they might look good as gum bichromate prints.

One lone office light burned in window on top of the Flatiron Building.  It and the lights from the tower of the Met Life Building bled into the misty sky.

Rather than avoid the flare from street lamps, I incorporated it into many of the photos to enhance the "Film Noir" effect.

Three lights burned in offices of the Flatiron Building. 

The top of the Empire State Building was almost fully covered by the mist and the steeple from Marble Collegiate Church stood out in a stark silhouette next to it.

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  1. Love these - especially the second one down and the one with The Hand.