Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A first look at Fujifilm's latest roadmap of lenses for the X-cameras

Fuji has added several new lenses to its projected optical lineup for the X-series of cameras. Among them are the following:

XF120mm f/2.8 R Macro 1:1 Macro, telephoto lens. This is Fuji's second lens in its macro line. The longer focal length will allow photographers to increase the working distance from their subjects -- something many of us have been waiting for.

XF35mm f/2 R compact and lightweight standard focal length lens. This lens is being touted as "much anticipated" and a "lighter weight" alternative to the current 35mm f/1.4. Personally, I'm not sure about the need for a lens like this -- the current f/1.4 model already being quite small and convenient -- but I suppose the good folks over at Fuji have some information I don't know about, or perhaps the intent is to use this lens on some of the smaller cameras where it might make a difference. 

1.4x Teleconverter for XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR, XF120mmF2.8 R Macro, XF100-400mm. This teleconverter will be especially useful with the faster 50-140mm f/2.8 zoom as it will extend the effective focal length to almost 200mm with only a stop loss in exposure to f/4, still quite fast for the equivalent of a 300mm lens. The teleconverter will also work with the new 120mm macro and the extreme tele XF100-400mm zoom, where it will deliver a 560mm focal length that is a equivalent toan impressive 840mm on a full frame lens. 

This teleconverter alone will considerably expand the practical focal length range of the Fuji optical lineup, and, whereas most full frame cameras also include 1.7x and 2x converters, the 1.4x alone should be enough to gain all the practical needs of an APS optical system.

Read the entire Fuji press release here

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  1. I agree the teleconverter would be a welcome addition. The entire purpose of my not using my Nikon gear as much was to save weight. With these new lenses, especially the 50-140, I see the savings in weight withering away. My current Fuji gear keeps growing: I have the X-T1, 35 1.4, 18-55, and now the 56 1.2. I had to return the 55-200 due to an issue I was having with that lens. Do I need the 50-140? Probably yes if I want to maintain my range to replace my Nikon 70-200 but man that teleconverter would be great!