Monday, June 29, 2020

Keeping busy during quarantine

What with curtailed travel plans, masks, and quarantining, Covid-19 has done a good job of messing up my shooting schedule. Not that I haven't done a truckload of relevant images to illustrate the virus and its effects, but it has cramped my ability to get out and gather up material for some of my favorite art material.

This past week I did arrange a brief shoot with one model where we were able to take a series of stock photo situations and a respectably safe 6' plus distance. One thing I did to guarantee this was to limit myself to shooting exclusively with the Fuji 90mm f'/2 lens on my new X-T4.  The focal length forced me to maintain a safe distance. 

We covered several situations in our brief shooting time, but this is one of my favorite shots to come out of it.

During my pandemic seclusion, I have been creating more and more images directly in Photoshop.  I did this one of the model holding a prism up in front of her face to refract an image of her eye. Later I combined the image with several scientific overlay charts, graphs, and symbols I've collected to create multiple exposure conceptual imagery.  

Funny thing is that I really had no idea that this would be the final outcome of the shot when I was taking the portait of the model.  I just made things up as I went along. 

Some crazy, unexpected things have come from the residue of what we have to do to stay safe during these difficult and lonely times. 

BTW, all the charts and symbols I used as overlays for this image, I had created in my downtime during the stay-at-home for the virus.  

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