Sunday, June 7, 2020

Adding the element of time

The Cubist painters created works that illustrated space volumetrically by moving through it to reveal alternate views of the same scene. This splintering and rearranging of the elements of a scene add to it the element of time -- the time it takes for the artist to spend with a situation, explore it from various angles, break it into components, think about it, and reassemble it into a cogent compositional whole. The idea was that this presented a more comprehensive experience of the event. 

I have been working with that concept for the past year and creating photographic works with the same idea in mind.  Below are just a few of the images I created with this theme. More examples can be found here.  

Saguaro sunset - 60" x 34"

Lone tree in Bryce Canyon - 60" x 27"

Above and below the Everglades - 60" x 27"

Wind patterns, Death Valley - 60" x 30"

Six sunsets Walden Pond - 60" x 34"

Tropical leaf abstraction - 60" x 30"

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