Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Magnificent sunset over New York

Last night we were treated to a brief, but beautiful display of sunset clouds in the southwestern part of the city sky. With the sun moving further south as the year progresses, we are approaching the best time for taking sunset photos looking south towards lower Manhattan. I originally went out just to see if I could get some sunset skies to keep for use in putting into photographs in the future, but the sky was so dramatic over the city that I also grabbed a shot of the tiny city silhouetted against it.

I used both the Sony A7RII and Fuji X-T1 for the photos. The city shots were done with the A7RII so I would have a file size big enough for making large prints.

I kept the silhouetted city small and jammed towards the bottom of the frame so the sky would dominate the composition. The lens on the Sony A7RII was a 21mm Leica Elmarit-M used at f/5.6. Super-wide angle lenses such as this give the most dramatic skies with their ability to include the higher up atmosphere.

This panorama is a composite of two images taken with the Fuji X-T1.

This was one of my favorite sunset shots with the sun so tiny in the dramatic sky. It was taken at a 18mm (27mm equivalent) focal length on the Fuji X-T1 and 18-135mm zoom. 

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