Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Metropolis goes gritty

I have been taking photographs of water towers and back alleys in the city for years with the idea of eventually assembling them to create other images. Someone left a comment on a blog post a couple days ago about doing some water tower photos for the Metropolis series. This was enough to spur me into action. I had enough material to assemble not one, but two images for the series. The colorfulness of these two photos is caused by photographing some of the original scenes used for the composites at sunrise or sunset.

Metropolis - Alleys and rooftops a hidden city, NY, 2015

Metropolis - Drink up, NY, 2015


  1. wow, amazing to see that you took my comment and ran with it. nicely done, of course. your sense of composition, color and balance really come into play here, these are so good. these should find an audience with interior designers who need to work for walls in nyc -- corporate hallways, reception areas, conference rooms. you know what would make them shimmer? printing on aluminum. not a bad idea, right? canvas, for me, would deaden them; aluminum of face-mount plexi would echo the energy in these images.

  2. Those are really beautiful - thanks for sharing.