Monday, September 28, 2015

New York is treated to half of an eclipse

Last night cloud cover rolled in to hide the second half of the eclipse of the moon, but not before I was able to take the ten exposures I needed to record at least this partial view. I took one photo every six minutes for the first hour of the eclipse. Later I combined the photos as layers in Photoshop and put them over a darkened sunset sky I had recorded earlier.

I used a Nikon D810 set to its 1.2x crop mode. With a 1.7x telextender on a Nikon 80-400mm zoom I was able to obtain a bit over 800mm focal length, which was perfect for this scene. For the first part of the sequence I was working at 1/250 second and 800 ISO. I had to increase the exposure time and ISO as the moon darkened while going into shadow.

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