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The new firmware update for the X-T1 makes it almost a new camera

Fuji's latest firmware updates for its X-camera lineup are due out on December 18th.  The X-T1 received the lion's share of the changes -- so many that it seems like a whole new camera.

The updates are expected to be available on December 18th, just in time to be an early Christmas present.

Here is Fuji's list of improvements to be implemented with this new update:

1. High-speed electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec.
To aid photographers who want to take advantage of fast aperture lenses in bright sunlight, the camera is now equipped with a fully electronic shutter offering a maximum shutter speed of 1/32000sec. The mechanical shutter will not operate at all when any speed for the electronic shutter is selected, which also delivers a completely silent shooting in 1/3 steps from a range of 1sec to 1/32000sec.

A  handy improvement allowing the use of apertures of even f/1.4 in bright sun without the necessity of resorting to a neutral density filter.

The shutter sound can be muted if desired. With the “SHUTTER SOUND” and “SHUTTER VOLUME” options in the setup menu you can choose the type and volume of the sound the shutter makes.

This feature is important for applications where it is important to keep the camera silent, as during a wedding ceremony.

2. Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode added
The new Classic Chrome effect delivers subtle colors and beautifully muted tones reminiscent of vintage reversal film. Using Classic Chrome on cityscapes, for example, will give shots a historic feel, while fashion photos gain an emotive, nostalgic look.

The Classic Chrome effect can already be applied through the new camera RAW update in Photoshop and Filemaker for users who shoot in RAW.

3. Natural Live View function
One of the great benefits of an electronic viewfinder is that 'what you see is what you get'; the final image is displayed in real-time so any Film Simulation modes or other effects can be checked while shooting. But users sometimes need to see colors close to how they're viewed with an optical finder, or to focus on shadow detail, which some high-contrast effects block out. To aid this, the Natural Live View function has been added and, when "PREVIEW PIC. EFFECT" is turned Off in the menu, an image close to the naked eye is displayed during live view.

4. EVF / LCD Color Control
“EVF COLOR” and “LCD COLOR” options in the setup menu to adjust the hue of the electronic viewfinder and LCD monitor.

5. Direct selection of AF area
The update will let users select the focus area using the 4-way controller, without pressing the Fn key.

This update was able to me manually implemented with the current camera by re-defining the controller buttons with the menu. I had already set my camera to do this.

6. Unlocked AE-L / AF-L Buttons
The function of the AE-L / AF-L button is currently locked, but will be interchangeable, depending on the user's preference.

7. Variable Focus Area during MF
When working in Manual focus mode, the update will enable changing the size of the focus area during Instant AF with the AF-L button.

8. Direct selection of Macro mode
In Autofocus mode, the update will enable the Macro function to be turned on or off, without accessing the pop-up menu screen.

9. Q. Menu customization
To make the Q Menu (used for quick access of frequently-used items) even more efficient, the update will allow its items and layout to be changed to the user's preference.

10. New Video Frame rates (50P / 25P / 24P)
As well as the existing 60fps and 30fps selections, 50fps, 25fps and 24fps options will be available with the update. 50fps and 25fps allow video editing in the PAL regions, such as Europe, without converting the frame rate. 24fps offers a cinema-like view.

Video abilities of the Fuji-X series cameras has been lagging behind the standards available with other cameras. This improvement is a step to rectify this short-coming.

11. Manual Shooting in Video mode
The update will enable ISO sensitivity selection prior to shooting videos, as well as the ability to adjust aperture and shutter speed during movie recording.

12. Phase detection AF support for Instant AF
In Instant AF mode, which is operated by pressing the AF-L button during manual focusing, the update will enable Phase Detection AF, providing faster focusing speeds.

13. Interlocking of Metering and Focus areas
Users will be able to interlock the AF area position with the Metering area when Spot Metering mode is selected.

14. Expansion of shutter speed in Program Shift mode
In the current Program Shift mode, the slowest-speed setting is 1/4sec, but this will increase to a maximum of 4secs.

15. Add “Flash compensation”, “Shutter type”, “Preview Pic. Effect”, “Preview EXP. / WB in Manual mode” and “Lock” in Function setting

16. Instax Printer Print

Photos can be directly sent from the camera to the Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer to instantly print on Fujifilm Instant Color Film “instax mini”.

17. Lock Function
Add software lock function.
The update will let users prevent from the unexpected dial / button operation.

18. Three Custom White Balance
Expand the number of CUSTOM WHITE BALANCE from one to three.
By registering different conditions in advance of the shooting, users can change white balance conditions quickly.

19. Expand EVF / LCD displaying types in manual exposure mode
In manual exposure mode, the EVF / LCD are displayed with previewing set shooting conditions.
To display, along with a mode of ignoring exposure condition, users will be able to select a mode of ignoring white balance condition.

The update will let users expand variations of external flash photography especially with modeling lights of different color temperature.

By registering the function to the Fn button, users will be able to change settings in quick operations.

20. AF+MF
“AF+MF” function enables seamless manual focusing. After half pressing the shutter to autofocus on the subject, fine adjustment can then be made using the manual focus ring.

This change should be very helpful in macro, close-up shooting when cameras typically hunt for focus, and also handy in difficult to focus situations, as when light is dim or low in contrast making it difficult for the camera to obtain focus.

21. PC tethered shooting support
New HS-V5 software (optional accessory) allows users to tether and control the camera from the PC and transfer images shot on the camera over to the PC automatically.

Very important upgrade for more exacting, commercial applications.

And what about the other Fuji X-models?

The X-E2, X-Pro1, and X-E1 will receive only some of these improvements, most notably:

1. New Classic Chrome Film Simulation
2. Interval timer shooting
3. Enhanced wireless function for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices
4. AF+MF

As stated in the annoucement, "Fujifilm is striving to keep the level of technology offered on this model as up to date as possible so that purchasers of X-series cameras will have greater longevity of use."  Although I own the X-T1, I still have, and continue to use, my original X-Pro1. It is one of my favorite cameras. Nice to know Fuji continues to support it with updates. 

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