Sunday, November 23, 2014

The forgotten firmware update for Fuji X-Cameras

Ever seem like the time from when the little Fuji battery full indicator shows its first sign of depletion until the time it actually turns red and drops dead is short enough to be up for contention as the new definition of a nanosecond. If you have ever been using your X-camera in the field and see the little battery symbol display its first indicating bar showing it is getting empty, you know you don't have much time before it will be completely depleted. One thing you had better have with you at all times when using a mirrorless camera with its power-hungry display is a spare battery or two.

Seems like the time it takes to go... almost instantaneous.

For anyone reading this column regularly, you know that I am a big fan of the Fuji mirrorless X-camera system and see it as an emerging alternative to pro DSLR camera systems. Fuji has been most responsive to user requests for fixes, but for some reason this one has slipped through the cracks of the latest firmware update scheduled for December 18th release.

Maybe I am asking for something that cannot be done through a firmware update. Nonetheless, I thought I would mention it in a blog post in the hopes of having it wend it back to the observing ears of Fuji tech support.

Am I asking for too much? I don't think so. Most camera systems I use show a gradual decline in the batteries depletion image, and many also include a percentage of battery life left.  Even my cell phone does this.

Sure wish Fuji would provide an update for this -- hint, hint.


  1. Agreed. I'm very surprised this battery level indicator has not yet been addressed. Even though I travel with four freshly charged X-T1 batteries, it does annoy me no end when I'm in the zone, and the dumb indicator goes red.

  2. people have been talking about this since the first x100 camera. it's really unbelievable that in the few years that have passed since that camera's introduction, we are still fighting with this ridiculous bug.