Thursday, September 4, 2014

Putting my Fuji X-Pro1 back to work

I have been using my X-T1 so much that I have neglected the X-E2 and X-Pro1, both of which are great cameras, but lack some of the newer, convenient features of the X-T1. I was heading out to the local farmers market to pick up some things for dinner and decided to dust off the X-Pro1 -- somewhat literally -- and take it with me sporting only the original 18-55mm zoom.

The X-Pro1 is one of the best looking cameras out there, bound to be a classic. 
I've photographed at the farmers market enough to be completely jaded by it as a subject.  So, in addition to carrying a different camera with only one lens, I decided to impose some restrictions on how I would proceed. I often do this as an exercise. It forces me to see too familiar subjects in a new and interesting way.

My idea was to compose the produce in relation to the thing holding it -- a basket, box, tablecloth, crate, bag -- where the texture of the container would add a defining character to the produce.  I wanted to convey that this was country produce straight from the farm. In many of the photos below the focus is on the texture of the container with the actual subject, the produce, being left in a softer, background role, although I primarily kept the aperture at f/5.6 and f/8 to maintain a good depth of field.


  1. It's kind of amazing how good you are at producing such perfect commercial, accessible, pretty, attractive, aesthetically pleasing photos almost by reflex.

    1. Agreed! Always great images. I know you have worked hard and have lots of experience. This gives me hope!

  2. indeed, very nice images. Are these handheld?

  3. Yes, Ron, they are all handheld. It would have been difficult to use a tripod in the marketplace where I found these scenes. It was a very bright day so there wasn't much of a problem. Most were taken with an ISO of 200, but a few times I had to bump it up to 640 to maintain stopping down the aperture.

  4. Really beautiful images. It may be a silly question, but did you style these? I imagine people at the market know you well.

  5. This was pretty much done working with what was there -- no styling by me.

  6. Tom-
    Love your site.... really informative and gets the juices flowing...
    For these and other shoots, how much, % wise, do you use each of the hybrid,( unique) OVF-EVFs of the camera. Do you find the OVF hard to use(parallax) with these kind of shots?
    Another ? Would you consider a column about using yr XT-1( I know you have done many but I mean a more nuts and bolts one)...How you set it up? Which focusing mode M,S,C you use? How you set up yr Fn buttons? Etc. There are SO many features on the camera that I feel like I am probably not using it to its utmost but as an old dog can only assimilate so much at a time!
    Again, thanks for all your work and if they weren't inspirational I'd be discouraged at how good yr photos consistently looks! Best wishes,