Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nikon D750 now in stock

Nikon's new 24.3MP FX camera is now in stock at various outlets. I began testing it a week ago and will have a full, hands-on report soon. My initial impressions of the D750 can be read here.  Adobe Camera RAW support is still lacking for it so RAW images must be processed in Nikon's own Capture NX-D software, which can be downloaded here.  Below is a sample image taken with the D750 and processed in NX-D.  More on this process in a later post.

This photo was taken with the D750 and processing the RAW image using the new "Flat" mode available in Capture NX-D. Flat preserves the most detail in both highlights and shadows for later adjustment in post-processing. The photo on the left is "Flat", that on the right is "Standard". Note the extended highlight detail in the sky in the Flat image, along with the brighter shadows, especially in the shadow from the hat on the girls face. These two images were done with no other processing that the difference between "Flat" and "Standard". By saving the image as a 16-bit Tiff file, the details are preserved and the image can be further tweaked with post-processing software. 

The Nikon D750 camera body only can be ordered from:  BH-Photo   Amazon
The Nikon D750 bundled with 24-120mm lens can be pre-ordered from:  BH-Photo  Amazon   
Nikon MB-D16 Multi Power Battery Pack for D750 can be pre-ordered from:  BH-Photo 

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