Saturday, September 13, 2014

Multiple exposure in Photoshop

Last night the Empire State Building was still lit with red, white, and blue. On the weekends I like to experiment with my cameras on the theory that you never stop learning. It's a habit I began many years ago. I find I usually learn something by taking a break from my normal routine once in awhile.

Using the long Fuji zoom on the X-T1, I took a number of exposures, some in focus, some out of focus, and some while moving the camera to create motion blur. Later I combined a few of each type image to create this multiple exposure in Photoshop. Each image was on its own layer. Some of the layers were converted to "Screen" mode, others had their opacity reduced, and all of them had a layer mask where I could paint out certain areas and smooth out the transitions. This image is a combination using five separate photos.

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