Monday, June 13, 2016

Nikon APP for downloading camera manuals

Ever find yourself stuck on location and not able to recall how to use a particular feature on your camera?  Today's digital cameras are so complex, I find this to be a fairly common occurrence. I have even received phone calls from photographer friends who are in the field and need to know how to change something about their camera.

Well, now Nikon has a solution. It is the Manual Viewer 2 app for your phone or tablet. It allows you to download the complete manual for a Nikon camera or flash.

Here are the links to the Manual Viewer 2 for Android, and one for the Manual Viewer 2 for iPhones.

In some ways the manual app is even better than the actual manual. Not only is it always handy by being with you, it also has direct links from the index and diagrams to the page associated with the topic making it much faster to use.

Click on a page link and you go right to the page topic. 

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