Monday, June 27, 2016

The museum as subject -- part I

This month I have been visiting several museums not far from New York. One was the Dia:Beacon in Beacon, NY, a museum featuring large art pieces from the 1960's and later. Most of the work is from the Minimalist movement and the museum itself is an old warehouse converted in a minimal style to house the collection. While there I took some photos of the museum itself and the way the light played on its architectural details. Inspired by the Minimalists, particularly my favorite artist, Agnes Martin, I also took some of my own minimalist photos of the nearby area.

For most of this I used the Fuji X-Pro2 set to 1:1 and Acros black and white. Below are some of the photos from this series.

Hedgerow, Dia:Beacon garden

White walls and archways, Dia:Beacon

Window and garden, Dia:Beacon

Steel staircase, Dia:Beacon

Brick wall and sunlight, Dia:Beacon

Fallen branch over Fiskkill Creek falls, Beacon

Falls on Fiskkill Creek, Beacon

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  1. Nice set Tom and good use of the square format.