Friday, August 21, 2015

Photographing stars and the night time sky

My son, Daniel, is also a professional photographer. He has been photographing in Maine for the summer. To cap off his stay he wanted to combine some night time shooting of starry skies, lighthouses, and, as luck would have it, the Perseid meteor shower. I shipped him my newest 20mm f/1.8 Nikon lens for his D610 so he would have a fast aperture lens to keep  his ISO as low as possible. For the most part he was able to capture the stars with a wide open aperture, an ISO of 1600, and a shutter speed of 15 seconds. A shutter speed faster than that would have blurred the stars too much.

Below are a few of the images he captured over the past few days. The last shot of the Porsmouth Light House shows that there are great photo ops even on a cloudy night without the stars.

Marshall Point Light in St. George and stars

Curtis Island Light with stars and meteors. 

Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York


  1. Man the Marshall Point is less than 20 minutes from my summer home. One of my favorite lighthouses next to Pemaquid

  2. Oh. and just some minor corrections:
    It's not Port Clyde Light it's the Marshall Point Light in St. George.
    Not the Portsmouth Light, but the Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York.