Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Landscape impressions

This past weekend I paid a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art specifically looking for inspiration from some of the Impressionist painters for a landscape project I have been doing. Our rememberance of an event is often an embellishment of what we actually saw, influenced more by our reactions to particulars of the day than to the specifics of the scene. For these ghostly remnants I wanted to strip the scenes down to their essentials of color and form with only a hint of the details remaining. The Impressionists were masters at this, and I was hoping to learn something from them.

Below are few more images I created for this evolving nature series. The techniques I used for creating these individual images vary, as I continue to explore this theme.

Two trees and winter fog, PA, 2014

Winter trees and fog, Smoky Mountains, 2009

Early morning mist in the Smokey Mountains, 2009

Seagrass, Assateague Island, 2014

Assateague Island sunset, 2014

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