Friday, July 17, 2015

Ultra high resolution images for large prints

I am still stuck at home with my recovery and getting very antsy to break out and go photograph something other than what I see from my apartment. To shake things up a bit I decided to dust off my Nikon 80-400mm zoom and put it on my D810 to force me into seeing the same scenes from a different perspective. This a trick I have always played on myself when I want to jar myself out of a shooting rut.

The tower of the Empire State Building has always intrigued me with its intricate detail, and I decided to get an ultra high resolution shot of it allowing me to see its intricacy up close. With the camera in a horizontal format and the zoom racked all the way out to 400mm, I took four photos of the tower starting at the bottom and progressing to the top. I purposely took each one a little off center so that when I combined them the frame edges would not lineup. I thought this might help to involve the viewer in the process of taking the picture. A full size print of this image would be taller than a person standing next to it, which I thought would make it quite impressive and over-powering when viewed up close.

When assembling four images from a 36mp Nikon D810 resulted in a photograph that could easily make an 8' high print. The detail is amazing and interesting to explore. You can see the actual rivets used in the construction.  I included a link to one of the high res versions, although I had to cut it down to a more manageable 40% size for downloading.

Here are three variations I did of the final assembly:

Download a high res version of this file by clicking here

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