Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer sun shower in the city - with the Sony RX100 IV

It lasted for about 15 minutes late in the afternoon. The day had been hot and close with blue skies and large billowing clouds passing through when suddenly a rain cloud opened up enshrouding the city in a fine mist. The sun shining through the mist from the left gave a ghost-like appearance to the scene.

I had been testing the new Sony RX100 IV and had it handy so I grabbed it to capture the scene. The RX100 has only one zoom lens equivalent to 24-70mm. The 24mm was not nearly enough to capture the whole scene so I turned the camera on its side and took three photos from left to right, and combined them later into one panorama. The Sony has a 20.4mp sensor so the resulting merger of three shots into one is quite large where the rain drops can actually be scene against the background of the buildings.

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