Sunday, July 19, 2015

Metropolis - multiple exposures of the city

Just after he came to New York in 1940, Piet Mondrian painted an abstract canvas of multiple squares in prime colors, entitled "Broadway Boogie-Woogie", to capture a visual jazz-like interpretation of the rhythmic energy of the city. Recently I have been playing around with multiple exposed images of the city for much the same reason.

New York is vibrant, alive, in constant flux, and can be an overwhelming onslaught on the senses -- in both good and bad ways. Recently, while playing around with multiple exposure images of the city, I began thinking the technique might be a way of reflecting the syncopated rhythm of the New York. I've done several images already with an aim to completing a series called, "Metropolis".

This is a triple exposure entitled, "Metropolis reborn".  It is meant to reflect the ubiquitous presence of never-ending construction in a constantly changing city landscape. 

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