Thursday, December 4, 2014

Leather camera straps to dress up mirrorless cameras like the Fuji X-T1, X-Pro1, X-100, and X-E1/2

One of the appealing things about the Fuji X-cameras is their handsome, retro look. Many photographs, me included, have enhanced that look by adding a retro style leather strap to the camera. I did some research while looking for straps for my X-T1 and X-Pro1 and thought I'd pass it along in this post.

One thing to consider when buying the strap is its length. Many of the leather strap offers have a fixed length. I measured the length of the straps I was currently using and found that I had set them to be a bit longer in length than most of the fixed length variety. So that narrowed my search field down only to straps where the length could be adjusted.

Below is a list of a few I found conveniently available for ordering on the internet. All of them are adjustable in length. One of them, the Tap & Dye is a fixed length, but is custom made to your order so the length is what you specify. One of them is a hybrid style combining the best qualities of both nylon and leather into one strap.

So here they are, just in time for you to buy a Christmas present for your X-camera. I provided links to the manufacturers where pertinent, and links to where you can order them online.

Tap & Dye Legacy leather custom made camera strap:
The Tap & Dye strap is what I use on my Fuji X-Pro1. It enhances the retro look of the camera nicely.

Tap & Dye straps are custom made in the USA to your order, and, while not length adjustable, are cut to your specified size. It can be ordered with or without bumpers and neck pad. Cost begins at $75 but varies with options.

Ciesta CSS-HM12-A03 Mano Leather Camera Strap:

This leather strap by Ciesta has braided ends, a leather shoulder pad, and is length adjustable. It is available in several colors here at Amazon for $44.49.

Adjustable length, padded leather strap:

This strap of genuine leather has the advantage of being adjustable in its length with three holes on each end. It is also padded in the middle where it is 20mm wide. I'm not even sure who the manufacturer is, which is why I did not mention it in the heading, but it looks really nice and meets the definition of what I was seeking when I started this article. This strap is available on Amazon for $31.50. Reasonable enough.

Ciesta CSS-L15-A06 Leather Camera Strap L15:

This Ciesta strap is a hybrid. The part near the camera is nylon while the main strap is made of leather resulting in the best of both worlds. The nylon is adjustable in length, piable and soft where it needs to be, and the leather section is strong and attractive over the main length. I use this strap on my Fuji X-T1 and really like it. Very well made, it is sold on Amazon for $36.99. It is wearing quite well with a nice patina on my X-T1.

Keep in mind, one of the beauties of leather is the way it develops character as it ages -- one of the main reasons for choosing it for use on a retro-style camera. The leather straps I have on my X-T1 and X-Pro1 look better every time I use them.

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