Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photo-blogging with Photoshop Touch

I decided to use some of this holiday time practicing image editing and blog posting entirely with my Samsung tablet. This would allow me to leave my laptop home when I go on short trips. I needed a photo editing program that would be fairly sophisticated.  For this I settled on Photoshop Touch figuring it would be most like the program I normally use, which is Photoshop CC. There were enough differences that the learning curve extended to a few days.

Once I semi-mastered the editing so I could make a passable image,  my next headache was to figure out how to transfer the images as jpg into the blog.  Photoshop Touch creates its own format and likes to keep it that way, or in the Adobe family by transferring the images to the Creative Cloud and then into the actual Photoshop for finalizing as a jpg. I needed to be able to do the whole thing on the tablet. This required me too find a work around involving emailing the file to myself and saving the download on the tablet.  Klugy, but it worked. There is probably a better way. I'll look into it further when I return.

In the meantime here is my first blog post created entirely on an 8" tablet,  and including editing of the images taken with my Fuji X-T1.


A white church with white birch tree, and white clouds. To increase the contrast I set the X-T1 to black & white red filter mode and darkened the blue sky.

A time lapse image of 15 seconds. 

Early morning shadows on a door. 

Reflections in a stream. 

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