Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Featured photographer -- Randy Santos: images of Washington DC

Randy Santos is a photographer whose artistic vision and unique personal perspective on the world around him has established him as one of the Washington DC area’s preeminent photographers. He specializes in creating iconic stock images of Washington DC, selling them through his own company, dcstockimages, which is housed on the PhotoShelter platform.  He lives in the DC area and so is always ready to capture the city in its best light. His photographs appear in commercial advertising, coffee table books, calendars, and as fine art prints.

A native Washingtonian with over 30 years of photographic experience, Randy’s work reflects his passion and drive for creative self-expression, a mastery of the medium of photography, and his love for the architectural beauty and history found in his hometown. This spring his images will be featured in the book,  "WASHINGTON D.C.: A PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT".

Randy does most of his photography on a Canon 5d camera with a complete assortment of the Canon pro zooms. Below are a sampling of some of his photos of DC. To see more, visit his website listed above. 

Sunrise, United States Capitol Building Washington DC

World War 2 Memorial Washington DC

White House Washington DC in winter

Rotunda US Capitol Washington DC

Iwo Jima Memorial - Marine Corp Memorial Washington DC Arlington Virginia

Cherry blossoms with the Jefferson Memorial in the background

Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC

Sculling on the Potomic

Cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument. 

To see more of Randy's work visit his personal website and stock image company here:

For an article on how Randy photographs the cherry blossoms, check out this article in Pop Photography: "Photograph Washington D.C.'s Infamous Cherry Blossoms".

To read more about how Randy successfully markets his work check out this PhotoShelter post: "Building a 'Monumental' Photo Business".


  1. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous city!

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