Sunday, January 26, 2014

A wintry blue week in New York with my X-E2

Looking over some of the grab shots I took this past week, I noticed how many blue images there were. At this time of year the sky is very clear, and the color more saturated than other times of year. Below are a few of the images on the blue theme, all taken with the 55-200mm zoom mounted on a Fuji X-E2, the camera I almost always have with me while walking about.

I took this shot just this morning of a solitary cloud as it slipped by against a clear, early morning sky.

 One late evening I found this lone bird sitting within the bare branches of a tree and silhouetted against the sky.

I recorded this scene while leaving Central Park just after sunset on the day of the blizzard. I liked the contrast of the blue scene with the bright red stop light and the warm colored reflections in the foreground snow.

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