Thursday, September 5, 2013

They're Back! The D600 sensor dust spots

No, the photo below is not some abstract, out of focus shot I was taking. It is a high contrast image from a test of the sensor in my Nikon D600 to see if the dust problem had been fixed since I sent the camera in to Nikon last May.

Apparently, the problem has not been corrected, as can be seen by all the spotting on the left side of the image shot at f/8. So back the camera goes to Nikon. I wonder if they'll ever find a permanent fix for this problem.


  1. The latest rumors are that Nikon will release new D5300 and D610 DSLR cameras.

    The D5300 will most likely be a marginal improvement over the D5200, maybe with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS functionality (just a speculation). The D610 is the more interesting development. I think the main reason behind the D610 is not so much to introduce new functionality as to kill once and for all the D600 sensor oil issue that prevented many people from buying it.

    So i think there won't be a fix for that in D600, there will be a new camera)

  2. Send Your camera to Nikon until warranty stops. They will learn.