Thursday, September 12, 2013

Images of 911 twin tower memorial lights

Last night the memorial lights representing the Twin Towers on 911 were lit from sunset to sunrise. This year my son, Daniel, and I went downtown to where the lights were located to photograph them up close from underneath. This proximity gave the beams more definition.

Up close you can see the individual beams from the spot lights that make up the shape of the twin towers. This image was taken within a 15 minute period after sunset so there is still some definition in the sky, which was misty last night.
Photographed just 10 minutes later that the top photo, the sky in this one is already going very dark. There is really only a 15 minute envelope after sunset within which to capture detail in the twilight sky.

We moved further away to capture this vista of Trinity Church with the beams behind it.

Moving even further uptown we finished with this scene of the new World Trade Center and the beams.

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