Thursday, August 1, 2013

Underwater housings for the Sony RX100 & RX100 II

I was searching for an underwater housing for the Sony RX-100 II and found quite a few that might be worth sharing on this blog. Why a housing for such a small camera? Well, first of all, I am a casual underwater shooter. I don't do it very much and when I do I don't want to lug around a large housing to fit one of the pro Nikon cameras like the D4 or D800. Plus, I'm not sure I really want to risk taking such expensive equipment under water anyway. The RX-100 II on the other hand is a really small camera with a practical zoom range, is tiny, and won't break the bank if I flood it. On top of that, it takes really good pictures.

Most of the higher end models can use the internal flash of the RX-100 to trigger an external flash via an optical cable. Also they all can accept auxiliary lenses.

At the top of the list are:

Nauticam NA-RX100  and  NA-RX100II: (new model to be released soon)

     - sells for $950
     - can accept 67mm accessory wide angle lenses to allow for either 100 or 145 degree angle of view
     - rated to 100 meters
     - machined alumininum case
     - has flash connectors

Recsea WHS-RX100MkII:

     - sells for $900
     - rated to 100 meters
     - aluminum alloy body
     - fixed lens
     - 67mm thread for conversion lenses
     - can use internal camera flash or take auxiliary flash

Acquapazzo APSO-RX100:

     - sells for $850
     - rated to 75 meters
     - corrosion resistant aluminum
     - port has 67mm thread for accessory lenses
     - comes in 14 colors
     - has an accessory monitor hood with magnification for viewing
     - can use external flash

Patima PDCH-RX-100MK2:

     - sells for $700
     - rated to 120 meters
     - corrosion resistant aluminum body
     - port has 67mm thread for accessory lenses
     - has dual flash connectors

Ikelite 6116 RX100 II:

     - sells for $400
     - rated to 60 meters
     - polycarbonite body
     - port has 67mm thread for accessory lenses
     - allows use of internal camera flash

If you are not planning to go very deep and do not need an external flash, take a look at the less expensive models below.

Generic underwater housing for RX100 RX100II:

     - sells on eBay under various names for $210
     - rated to 40 meters
     - polycarbonite body
     - port has 67mm thread for accessory lenses
     - allows use of internal camera flash

EWA-Marine 3D-L:

     - sells for $165
     - rated to 10 meters
     - double laminate PVC body
     - port has 67mm thread for accessory lenses
     - allows use of internal camera flash

I have not used any of these underwater housings and so cannot recommend any particular one. I am beginning my own search for one and thought it might be interesting to post the contenders I have found so far.

When I first started my search I thought I would find one or two housings. It is interesting to note that the Sony RX-100 may have more underwater housings made for it than any other camera model, which says something about its growing popularity.


  1. Great blog but all those housings are for the RX100 NOT the newest model the RX100 II which is not exactly the same nor interchangeable. It know RecSea makes one for the II but don't think all the others do.

    1. Alexandra, look at the RECSEA & Nautilus cases...they say, ""RX100 II" on them. Dozens of housings are available.

  2. I'm really surprised that there are not many comments here. I'm in the market for a housing and would indeed like under feedback on these. I've found some on the web but nothing with the detail I'd prefer. Eg, will any of these fit the camera with a thumb grip attached? Which of these will control ALL of the knobs and wheels of the camera. Which ones are disabled? Floatation?