Friday, August 2, 2013

Sony RX-100 II - the little pro camera you always have with you

Because you never know what you can happen upon in New York I always like to have a camera with me. Depending upon what I am wearing, where I am going, or just how I feel at the moment, that carry-along camera varies. Sometimes it's the Fuji X-Pro1 usually fit with the 18-55mm zoom. Sometimes it's a Leica M (240) fit with a 35mm Summilux lens. More often than not, it's a Sony RX-100 II.

Normally I carry my RX-100 in a small Fogg camera pouch that attaches to my belt, although I often just stuff it in a pocket already bulging over with keys and cell phone.

My RX-100 II with the Fogg carry bag I attach to my belt. 
Recently I happened upon a crazy event that took place on Fifth Avenue, just in front of the Flat Iron Building. A van had exploded due to an electrical spark that lit the gas fumes from the fuel tank. At first I thought it was one of the ubiquitous movies being shot on the streets of New York. But this was the real thing. From the condition of the burnt out hulk of the van it is a wonder the driver managed to get out of it alive, but he did.

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