Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A bike, a camera, two lenses -- an odyssey with the X-Pro1

I rode over to the far east side art gallery area in Chelsea on one of the new Citibikes we have in New York. From there I walked through the area taking photos with my X-Pro1 and its two zooms. I managed to pick up a few shots for some art projects I am doing, and happened upon an interesting small press book store. Just a serendipity afternoon stroll in New York.

This was chalked onto the sidewalk near the Chelsea art galleries. I suppose it is someone's conceptual art piece.
Walking along the High Line I picked  up several vistas of the Empire State Building in its relationship to the city.

Another on-going project I am doing is called "Urban Archeology", where I am photographing abstractions of simple urban landscapes almost as if they were ruins to be interpreted by a future generation. Here are a few I did yesterday.

And lastly there is the funky book store I happened upon on Tenth Avenue near 21st Street and the High Line. It is called "Printed Matter, Inc." and is definitely worth a visit if your are in the area and like rummaging through artist books.

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