Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where do babies come from?

From Photoshop, of course. This composite image is made up of three different photographs. First came the baby. This is my newest grandchild, Vivian, born only a few weeks ago. In this image she is only two days old. Someone gave her a bouquet of balloons in the hospital and we tied them to her to make a funny photo. That gave me the idea for this image of a baby floating in a sky with balloons..

First thing I had to do was replace the real balloons with a generic variety. In the studio I photographed some helium filled balloons tied around a doll. I did this against white so it would be easy to silhouette later.

I wanted to have the baby and balloons floating against a cloudy sky. I keep a file of sky photos but I found them all too dark so I photographed a new sky that was light and airy to use for the composite. Silhouetting the baby in a swaddling blanket was easy. Next came the part where I had to silhouette the balloons. This is was very time consuming because of the thin ribbons. Once that was done, it was simply a matter of combining the three images and tweaking the assembly a bit. Because this is intended as a stock shot I left some large neutral areas top left and bottom as copy space.

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