Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sony RX-100 II (M2) available NOW

This camera now has a hands-on review on this blog. Check it out here.

It isn't due out until tomorrow, but B&H has already been selling the new Sony RX100II since yesterday, both on line and in the store. Check it out here.

I will be posting my hands-on review of the camera over the weekend, after I have had an opportunity to put it through its paces. One of the things I'll be checking out is the new WiFi capability of the camera.

Below is a quick test I did by connecting it to my Samsung Gallaxy III and using the available APP to connect the camera to the phone. The top photo is an actual image taken by the camera from the smart phone. The bottom image shows what you see on your smart phone when taking a photo with the RX-100. I already have some plans on mounting the light weight camera on a quadcopter drone and controlling the camera from my phone. We shall see.

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