Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snowy morning

A light morning snow was falling in New York -- perfect for some late winter photos of Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. I packed a Nikon D600 and two Nikon lenses, the 24-120mm and 70-200mm f/4. I kept the camera in Auto mode with an aperture of 5.6, but set the camera meter to read +1 stop in order to compensate for the white snow.

Early in the morning the city took on the appearance of an Impressionist landscape. By late morning the snow changed to rain and by evening the snow was gone.  All that is left of Nature's brief performance is in our memories and photographs.

The Bethesda Arcade near the fountain in Central Park

Bethesda fountain in Central Park

The Mall in Central Park

Gapstow Bridge on the Pond at Central Park

The Pond in Central Park with the city in the background

The Brooklyn Bridge and falling snow

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