Friday, March 8, 2013

City mist

Last night there was a slight rain/snow mix falling as I left the restaurant, and a light mist permeated the city. I headed over to Madison Square Park to check on one of my favorite New York views, the Empire State Building framed by the winter tree branches. I liked the way the bright light bled into the mist around the top of the building.

I had the Sony RX100 camera with me but no tripod. Even at ISO 1600 the shutter speed was only 1/8 second. To obtain the long vertical composition above I put the camera into its 16:9 crop mode. Bracing myself as best I could I took a number of consecutive shots in order to obtain one without motion blur.

I intentionally sought a blurred image in this abstraction of the city street to achieve a feeling of colorful nighttime excitement.

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