Wednesday, January 16, 2013

While in the area of Lexington and Concord, MA I also picked up some images for stock photography in the Minuteman National Historical Park.

The Minuteman National Historical Park runs between Lexington and Concord, MA along the route the British took to meet the Minutemen militia in a confrontation that started the American Revolutionary War.  This house of a Captain William Smith is one of the many colonial structures preserved within the park.  I used a 24mm focal length lens to relate the house to the foreground stone fence.  Old stone fences such as this are found throughout New England.

This statue of a minuteman stands in Lexington.  It is a powerful icon to American independence, courage, and freedom.  I took this photo specifically with the idea of adding the flag background later.  I also plan on adding a 13-star flag and a colonial flag as backgrounds.

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