Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leaving room for copy in a stock photo

When I took the blog photo of the key the other day, I also made some variations for stock photography that included copy space for a designer to use for placing type or a product.

Here are a few other images that illustrate this compositional technique.

The upper right of this image was intentionally left blank, lightened, and softened enough for placement of copy. When you allocate space specifically for copy placement, it is important to know if the copy will surprint (dark type color over lighter backgrount) or drop out (white or light type over darker background).  Here I anticipated the type dropping out.  Picture white type against the blue background.

Here the designer is presented with a blank tag where copy could be placed.

In horizontal photos it's often good to include a compositional variation with space off to the side for the designer to use.  In this composition the photo could also span a horizontal two-page magazine spread because the subject is substantially to the left and would not be cut off by landing in the gutter of the magazine.


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