Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Passage of Time

I set out to do a series of conceptual still life images depicting  the passage of time.  I wanted the colors to have a saturated depth but be nostalgic at the same time.  To achieve this, I first enhanced the color space to deepen the colors.  Next I reduced the vibrancy with an overlay layer of a monochromatic platinum tint with its opacity reduced to around 30%.

All photos were taken with a Nikon D600 and either a 60mm macro or 85mm tilt-shift lens.

To take this photo using my own hands I had the camera mounted on an overhead tripod and connected the new Nikon WU-1b wireless transmitter to the camera, and downloaded the Nikon app allowing me to control the camera from my cell phone.  With the cell phone positioned off to the side where I could see the transmitted image and compose the shot, I had an assistant click the shutter by tapping on the phone.  I will be featuring a description of the WU-1b in a later blog post.
For this photo I wanted to have all the objects in sharp focus while maintaining a soft background.  To achieve this I took ten photos each one moving the focus point from the foreground string towards the background bottle.  I later combined all ten images using Helicon Focus.

I titled this photo "Bye-Bye Dearie" after the final line of the letter.

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