Thursday, August 20, 2020

Still Life Passages

For many years I have been photographing foliage, not in its springtime glory, but in its process of decay, or what I call "passage". This series of still life images records objects passing from one life form to another, as they succumb to the laws of nature and the passage of time. I have tried to capture the sculptural beauty resulting from this process. 

In this current series of photos I added other objects to the compositional mix with the folliage, objects that share a similar fate of being reformed by nature during the passage of time. This transformation may take the form of rust, decay, color fade, or the complete morphing into another form.

Taken with a Nikon Z7 and 60mm Nikkor macro lens at f/22. Lighting was with a single Godox AD200 Pro flash through an umbrella. I added a dark, textured background surface of rusted metal to each shot instead of keeping them on a dead black. 

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