Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sunshine Overlays for Photoshop

Today is the launch day for the new "Sunrise Overlays" I created for MCP Actions. They include many of the overlays I have build up and been using over the years to create a sunny look in Photoshop in a very simple way. The series contains sun bursts, glows, color overlays, rainbow and flare effects -- all the tools to give an overall warm glow to a photograph. Shooting on a cloudy day? No problem. Drop some of the overlays onto the photo, change their layer mode, perhaps modify their position. That's all it takes to spark up an image.

Below are a few examples on using my overlays, and at the end of this post is a special discount code my readers can use to purchase this along with other Action packages from MCP ACTIONS.

Photographed mid-day against the light with no fill, this shot was made to look like it was taken at sunset by adding three overlays, a a light glow, light burst, and overall colorcast-lightener to brighten the image and harmonize the colors. My overlays are made to work together with similar tones. 
This image has three overlays: a colorcast to give it an over color and lighten it, a burst to blow out the sky on the right and spill onto the model's face, and a solar-bokeh effect. I never really liked the lens flares provided by Photoshop so I created my own called "soloar-bokeh" effects. 

These are the three overlays used to enhance the image above them. First is a colorcast with lightened center to color the image and lighten it. Next is a burst to add the glow to the left of the male model and spill over onto him. Finally, there is a solar-bokeh flare effect. Placing these three layers on top of the original image in Photoshop and changing their layer modes is all it took to go from the "before" to "after'. Speeding up my workflow while enhancing the images is what it's all about. If you're a wedding photographer or anyone who has to process a lot of images at once, you'll know what I mean. Using pre-made overlays is a very speedy way to accomplish this. 

As a launch day special, my blog readers are being offered a 25% discount on all action packages they purchase from MCP ACTIONS when they include my SUNSHINE OVERLAYS package in the same shopping cart. JUST USE THIS DISCOUNT CODE AT CHECKOUT:  TOMGRILL25

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