Thursday, September 22, 2016

Manhattan sunsets

For the past few nights we've been having some magnificent sunsets in the city. Their intensity hasn't lasted very long, maybe 5-10 minutes, but if you could set up a tripod and capture them in that time, you were treated to a spectacular shot. All photos were taken with the same camera/lens combination, a Fuji X-T2 with the Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 zoom.

Day 1: The evening was hazy but the sunset colors intense.  I kept the exposure on the light side to include detail in the foreground. I processed this image twice. The first time was a straight interpretation. The second time I dialed down the "Clarity" slider in Adobe Camera Raw to soften the image. I put the soft image layer over the straight layer in Photoshop and changed the layer mode of the soft layer to "Soft light". 

Day 2: This sunset had some clearing storm clouds that had covered the top of the World Trade Center. As I was taking the photo the clouds began to clear away from the top of the tower enabling me to capture this exposure with the top just coming out of the cloud.

Day 3:  This sunset was the most intense of the three if even for a brief period of time. It covered an a very large section of the sky so I decided to capture it in two shots that I would assemble later into a panorama. This also resulted in a very large image capable of  extreme enlargement when printed. 

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