Friday, September 9, 2016

Continuing my black & white portrait series

Recently, I've added some portraits based on the new technique I mentioned in a previous blog post. The two vertical images below were done using a studio strobe the way I explained it before. The two horizontal photos were taken with soft daylight from a northern window light. The results are similar, but I do prefer the strobe where I can keep the light very high and focus it better by using a grid over the small slit bank.

What I like about the this series is the look of deep introspection it brings out in the subjects. It is more about who the are than who you want to be. I try to capture them in a private moment before they prepare a face to greet the world. The expression in these images reminds me somewhat of old tintype photos where the subject had to sit still for a long exposure time so as not to blur the image.

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