Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunset and storm clouds over the Hudson River

With the heat wave in New York, we've been getting hit by daily late afternoon thunderstorms, which often makes for some beautiful cloud formations, especially when they occur around sunset, as they did last night. I was on a boat in the Hudson River when the storm passed through to the north of us. I had my Fuji X-Pro2 and the ubiquitous 18-135mm lens, the lens I usually take when I only want to carry one and don't have any specific plans for photography.

My 18mm lens wasn't wide enough to capture this entire sky so I panned the camera and took four horizontal photos, which I later combined using PTGui.. 

This long horizontal is stitched from three horizontal photos. A tiny jet plane is off to the left on its final approach to Newark Airport.

Blur motion shot of the Hudson River as the setting sun broke through the storm clouds.

Raindrops falling on the churning water of the Hudson River. 

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