Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tackling the night with the X-Pro2 -- fading tulips, Part II

Night falls. The room goes dark, the shadowy shapes of the tulips fade into the background. I switch the Zeiss 50mm from the X-T1 to the X-Pro2 to take advantage of its Acros film setting. At first I photographed with an ISO of 1600. Then I push it to 6400, and finally 12800 as the grainy look of noise in the shadows become more appealing enhancing the character of the fading moments.

The tulips were pink and red, leaves green.  I switched back and forth with the Acros filter -- first none, then red, then green. Each filter had a different effect on the colors. Although the images were monochromatic, I kept them in color mode instead of black and white, later adding my Autochrome technique to them in Photoshop to enhance the grain effect even more and introduce a very subtle color pattern that is only visible in full size.

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