Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Getting the most out of my X-Pro2

To increase the resolution of many of my large city and landscapes I often resort to taking several photos and combining them later with PTGui software. Last night I decided to give the method a try using the new 24mp sensor of the X-Pro2. Using the 16-55mm f/2.8 zoom set to f/5.6 I took seven images stretching from the north of Manhattan to the southern tip of the island, a full 180ยบ span that included the Empire State Building to the north and both the Flatiron and World Trade Center to the south. The sun set in the middle of the scene where there wasn't much else going on, and the sparse clouds fanned out to help tie the composition together.

The final print is 5' wide but could easily enlarge to double that size.

Click here to download a higher res version of this image.

This is a group of the seven photos that were assembled to make the panorama. The focal length was set to 16mm, which is generally wider that I like when taking images to be stitched together, but the PTGui software didn't have much trouble making the combo. 

I later converted the image to monochrome to make a moodier version. 

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