Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fuji X-T1 camera freezing - Firmware 4.20 issue

Recently, my Fuji X-T1 began freezing up on me randomly. Turning the camera off did not even correct the issue. I had to pop the battery out to reset the camera -- and, of course, after using it a bit, the same thing would happen. I was ready to send the camera back to Fuji but began by searching the internet to see if anyone else had the same problem. Sure enough they did.

Apparently, the last 4.20 firmware update in December 17, 2015 was causing the problem. Fuji has issued a firmware replacement, version 4.21 to correct the problem. This is a stop-gap measure to roll back the camera to version 4.10 until Fuji can come up with a replacement fix.

Here is Fuji's statement on this firmware problem:

"We have found a malfunction in the firmware ver.4.20 launched on December 17 2015, which rarely causes freeze when shooting in AF-C mode. So we will suspend the disclosure of this firmware right away.

We apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause.

We will post an upgraded firmware around the end of January 2016 to solve it.

As a tentative solution for customers who have upgraded their cameras to firmware ver.4.20, we have prepared the new firmware version of 4.21 whose functions are same as the previous version of 4.10. Please update your cameras to ver.4.21 to avoid the malfunction."

If you are having this freezing problem, you can download the 4.21 temporary patch firmware here.


  1. I first read about this issue in another article a few days after I had installed 4.20. That article said that the lock-up issue happens when the camera is in continuous auto focus mode. As a very infrequent user of continuous auto focus I opted to avoid its use and stay with 4.20 until the fix is released in late January. So far I have not experienced any lock-up or any other negative issues. I must add that I am a weekend amateur, not a pro, so it will be no big deal if I do get a lock-up, in which case I may consider going to 4.21. In any event, I have back-up with an X-E2.

  2. It is so refreshing to see the Fuji response to this issue. If it were Nikon, they would have denied there was a problem blaming user error or something. Then in about a year they would release a brand new version of the camera with the claim that the continuous auto focus was vastly improved from the previous model. Oh, they would also tack on an additional $100 to the price because, you know, its a new and improved model. :-)))