Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas in January

Ever since I can remember I have begun photographing Christmas scenes for the coming year from around mid-January to mid-March.  Just about the time I think the holiday is behind me and I'm ready to move ahead to some vacation planning it's time to begin photographing for the next Christmas. One good thing about waiting until after the holiday is that it is easier to pick up props, since no one else wants them at that time of year.

At any rate, we set up a couple of scenes in our studio and did some shots of Santa and Mrs. Claus performing various typical holiday activities. I shot the entire event with my Fuji X-T1 using only the 56mm, 35mm, and the 90mm for close-ups.


  1. Great images, and I love the Santa suit with the beard and all. Can I ask where you got that suit?


  2. Elvind, we rented the suit from Abracadabra in NYC. I liked it for the the darker burgundy color. - Tom